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Casual Vs Serious Relationship: 10 Key Differences To Know

A person who likes to go out and be surrounded by friends will usually go for the casual setting in dating. The freedom of no commitment holds the appeal of a stress-free relationship. No expectations from either person means no hurt feelings if the relationship does not develop into a more serious commitment.

Understanding the dating vs relationship spectrum is important for anyone looking to avoid pain and heartache. “It’s a good idea to think about what you want from your dating experiences so you can communicate that with casual partners,” Battle says. People might be casually dating each other exclusively, meaning they are not dating other people, though usually the term “casual dating” implies that it isn’t exclusive. If you’re casually dating and having sex, get in the habit of using condoms and other barrier methods. It’s also a good idea to get regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections. Finally, casual dating creates an opportunity for people who want to stay single to enjoy dates and similar interactions with like-minded people.

You see, when someone is on your mind a lot, that just instantly means that you have feelings for them. If you are prone to jealousy, co-dependence or insecurity, casual dating probably isn’t for you. There are two schools of thought when it comes to casual dating and sex.

Moreover, if they find someone better while dating you, it’ll hurt more. You have other connections like family, friends, and coworkers. Give them some time in your life because they’re constants. Your casual partner is important, but not more than these forever ones.

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They don’t want to make future plans with that person, but they don’t want to see that person happy with anyone else either. If you want to spend more time than usual, monopolize them, feel jealous… These are red flags of catching feelings. Casual dating is more about fun and fulfilling yourself with happiness. There’s no future commitment so don’t bind them in the jealous parade.

Okay So What Is Casual Dating

Not everyone desires a sexual relationship, and that’s absolutely fine. Maybe you’re down for heavy make-out sessions, as long as clothes stay on. You might even feel comfortable spending the night and sleeping together without sex. Polyamorous dating can involve both casual and serious relationships.

It might sound obvious, but if someone tells you that they only want something casual, that’s a good sign that they actually mean what it is that they’ve just said. The person you’re dating might be looking for something different. Also, if the one you admire isn’t up for this… never force or manipulate them. They won’t be in for commitment or exclusivity out of love. If they don’t like you back or things don’t work out for the best, don’t attack them with hurtful words. It’s a natural reaction to rejection but control your urges.

If you are not willing to accept yourself today for who you are then it is time to make changes. So, when you meet someone, you should have an open mind as if you were traveling to a whole new country. It is necessary to understand that when you are committing to a serious relationship, you are investing a lot of emotions and also letting your heart out of its comfort zone. If you’ve committed to it due to the pressure at home or peer pressure, then you are paving the way for a disaster. Keeping aside the basic concept of similar religion or caste, you like to have the minute things such as love for yoga or traveling as a hobby in common with your partner. Although there are various other factors that you need to consider before jumping to the conclusion….

Sometimes it happens that you want a serious bond with someone but you think that you won’t be able to give sufficient time or attention to the other partner. This is because most of your day is committed to work responsibilities. Well, here are a few differences that will help you know if you have surpassed the phase of a casual relationship. You must ONLY be satisfied and happy with your relationship, no matter the rules or boundaries. A serious relationship is when two partners are committed to each other and are looking at a future together. Mutual respect is key for any relationship, casual or otherwise.

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Serious relationships will decide to date casually because they just do not want anything heavy right after coming out of a romantic relationship. Committed relationship, but you still enjoy the person for the time you are together. Some opt for casual dating, while some do not believe in any of the dating patterns. The other person involved may also catch romantic feelings for you, and you may not feel the same way. In the most basic sense, people who usually date casually hang out and enjoy each other’s company, but they are not ready for a commitment in any way or are just not interested in one.

On the contrary, both Battle and Henry stress the importance of communicating very clearly about what you want from your casual relationships. Casual dating can sometimes lead to a serious relationship and can be one of the early stages of a relationship. But in other situations, people choose to keep things casual because they specifically don’t want further emotional attachment with the other person. It’s always wise to take steps to stay on top of your sexual health, whether you’re dating seriously or casually. When spending time with a lot of people, you’ll probably encounter different relationship styles, attitudes, and behaviors. People don’t always treat others with kindness, and they may do some pretty inconsiderate things.