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Jonathan teased that the pair “have a couple aces up our sleeve,” adding that they’re simply happy to be with loved ones. “We want to squeeze in as much family time as we can,” he said. The actress and the HGTV personality shared a smooch on the red carpet before the premiere of Deschanel’s film Dreamin’ Wild at the 79th Venice International Film Festival in Italy. The couple was all smiles on the red carpet premiere for season 2 of HBO’s We Are Here. The actress wore a blue floral dress as she clung tightly to her beau, who donned a maroon blazer, floral shirt and dark jeans. Jonathan and the New Girl alum enjoyed a live taping of Dancing With the Stars alongside his twin brother Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan.

April 2020: Jonathan became a New Girl stan

“So proud of this handsome man @jonathanscott getting nominated for an EMMY!” she wrote via Instagram alongside a photo of the couple dressed in their red carpet finest. “A few snaps from our afternoon … thanks to all of these lovely people for making me look and feel fantastic.” The Elf actress secured a birthday shoutout from her man just before partying the night away at an ‘80s-themed karaoke bar in Los Angeles with a group of friends. “Happy Birthday to the beautiful human who brought joy & laughter back into my life ❤️🎉,” Jonathan captioned a sweet Instagram post, two weeks after the happy couple rang in the New Year together.

October 17, 2022: Zooey Deschanel called Jonathan Scott “the best” on The Drew Barrymore Show

The moment is interrupted when the three witness Noah Lawson wipe out while surfing. Robbie and Tasha are impressed with his heroics and suggest he join a swimming team, which Kim declines having previously been on one. Kim and Barry’s relationship becomes more and more strained to the point where Kim moves in with Tasha and Irene Roberts. His ex, Brooke McPherson returns, telling him he is the father of her son Charlie.

Barrymore shared that she’s been working with Scott on Celebrity IOU and gushed over how Scott prioritizes his relationship. Scott and Deschanel first crossed paths while they were filming the same episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Scott and Deschanel were joined by his brother Drew and her sister Emily on the episode, and the pair immediately hit it off. A source told PEOPLE things between the two fell into place quickly, explaining, “They were doing Carpool Karaoke and they had a really fun day.”

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When Bill returned to Port Charles, Holly walked in on Bill and Victoria making love at his lighthouse. The spurned Holly was hell-bent on making the womanizing Bill pay! She smashed all the rare wines in his wine cellar, then left town. In 2022, it was revealed that he is the biological father of Esme Prince, who was given up for adoption by her biological mother Heather Webber, after her relationship with Ryan has ended. Years later, Ryan found Esme living with the Princes with a nanny named Maggie Fitzgerald and he convinced her to come to Port Charles to break up Ava’s marriage to Nikolas Cassadine by using Nikolas’s son Spencer Cassadine. He is aware that he is about to become a grandfather to Esme’s unborn child with Nikolas, but he is unaware that Nikolas had her locked up in a storage room in Wyndermere Castle until she gives birth.

After supposedly dying on January 30, 2007 after eating tainted pancakes, she returned several times as an angel and was revealed to be alive on May 17, 2011. Liza’s mother, who had an affair with Tad Martin while he was dating Liza and she was married to Larry Colby. She was released from prison for the 1985 murder of Zach Grayson in less than a year, continuing her career as a real-estate broker and helping set Tad up in business. Scheming against Liza and Adam, Marian slept with Stuart and fell in love with him and they married. After Stuart’s murder in 2009, she had a breakdown and entered the Oak Haven mental-health facility. Died in 1981 when his plane exploded, and was called Philip Brent, Sr. because of his son with Tara.

She was best friends with Kati Farkas and tends to match outfits with her. During the first season, she and Kati often appeared in Blair’s Audrey Hepburn dreamscapes and at one point she and Kati also appear in Dan’s dreams. Her see-through dress that she intended to wear to the Snowflake Ball is used to humiliate Vanessa. Both Isabel and Penelope refuse to have a girl from Brooklyn carry out their legacy but Blair convinces them otherwise. Isabel, together with Kati, returned at the end of season four at a Constance reunion.

After she was raped by Will Cortlandt, she became involved with Stuart Chandler, but married Adam Chandler. She attempted suicide with a drug overdose but was saved by Erica Kane, when her traumatic childhood with a radical Christian mother was disclosed. After Adam caused the premature birth and subsequent death of their infant daughter Anna Claire, she began poisoning him with arsenic. After a fling with Tad and a brief marriage to Dimitri, she left town. Portrayed by Tika Sumpter in season four, Raina Thorpe is Russell Thorpe’s savvy and candid daughter who also assists her father in his business dealings.

Scott and Hayley leave for Paris and Kim becomes depressed. “They’ve been out a few times and seem to want to keep the romance on the quieter side. They seem to like each other a lot and Jonathan travels a lot, but they see one another when they can. It’s still very new and she wasn’t really looking to date, but she and Jonathan hit it off unexpectedly.“ Zooey was married to Jacob for four years before their split earlier this summer.

By the time Nancy decides to divorce her husband, Jack is already involved with Avery. Nancy meets Avery and finds out she is pregnant, which Nancy tells Jack before leaving. She is played by Cynthia Nixon in the TV-movie made about Avery, Kidnapped by Danger. Jamie Hamilton or “The Coffee Guy” , who only appears in “Cougars”, is an attractive younger man who has a crush on Liz Lemon, to whom he delivers coffee.

Lucy, now working with Luke and Sonny to scam Scully, acts as bait to get back at Damian and Scully. Mike and Luke continue with the scheme and Lucy get Kevin Collins to body slide. While waiting for Kevin to pick her up to take her away for the weekend, Lucy is kidnapped by Scully from the Outback parking lot. Scully fires his gun, misses Sonny and the bullet hits Mike instead.

Despite Drew joking about his brother’s relationship with Deschanel, Jonathan could not be more head over heels for his girlfriend of three years. Rachel Baze – One of the writers on the show; in “The Aftermath”, Jack mentions her last name and that she just became engaged. She appears often in the writers room during the first two seasons, but disappears after season 2. Gabe Person – Replaces Jonathan as Jack’s assistant during season 6 and several episodes of season 7.

For her initial appearance in “Jack the Writer” (a non-speaking cameo appearance), she was played by Sharon Wilkins. In all subsequent episodes (beginning with “Up All Night”), she is portrayed by Sherri Shepherd and has a more substantial role. Forte had previously appeared in 30 Rock as Tomas, a servant of Prince Gerhardt, in the season one episode “Black Tie”. Brad Halster A consultant employed by the Himmler Group, Halster slashes TGS’s budget and staff in “Cutbacks”. Liz attempts to seduce him into restoring her employees’ jobs by asking him out on a date and utilizing the show’s make-up crew and wardrobe department to maximize her sex appeal.

Milton rented a room from Colleen Donaghy in the Boston suburb of Sadchester in 1958, during one of Jimmy Donaghy’s numerous abandonments of his family. The two soon began a physical affair and, unbeknownst to Milton, conceived Jack Donaghy. Wesley is displeased that the actor Wesley Snipes has his name, saying that the name is better suited to a “pasty, un-athletic British man”. He frequently uses British English phrases, such as “foot cycle” for bicycle and “film pod” for video camera, which annoys Liz. He is rude to her, mocking her disastrous romantic history and at one point compares her life to a “Cathy cartoon that just won’t end”. Wesley Snipes is an Englishman whom Liz meets at her dentist’s office while recovering from a root canal operation.