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Evening after evening I would return, and evening after evening Hifumi taught me. Eventually she grew to trust me, confiding her difficult relationship with her mother and the pressures she felt as a high-profile shogi player. Our relationship grew closer, more intimate, slowly budding into a fragile high school romance. Now that we’ve covered every available romantic option in Persona 5, you can seduce characters to your hearts content.

On Christmas Eve, he worries his girlfriend/Sojiro and Futaba as he cannot bring himself to tell them that he is turning himself in. With reality restored, the masses seem to have forgotten about the events that had just occurred, however, many of the citizens have begun to openly talk about Shido’s poor character. As a light snow begins to fall, the Phantom Thieves realize that it is Christmas Eve and go their separate ways for the night, promising to go to Café Leblanc to celebrate the next day. Sae informs the protagonist that, even though Shido confessed his crimes, it is difficult to prove his guilt since there is little solid evidence and the other world no longer exists. The citizens of Tokyo, save Mishima and Sojiro, as well as any Confidant whom the protagonist reached max rank with, are blissfully unaware of the changes, continuing to go about their lives as normal. At the same time, the Phan-Site’s poll rapidly declines from an already minimal support rate to a firm 0%.

The noticeable difference is that Ren involved himself more in discussion while giving instructions directly to the rest of Phantom Thieves without anyone having to be his mouthpiece. He is persuasive, playing with people’s interest to convince them to help him in his information gathering. When it comes down to it, Ren is willing to take a risk even if it means his identity may be exposed, such as exchanging information with Akechi who is investigating the Phantom Thieves. He is very dedicated in his role as a phantom thief, going as far as not seeing any problem crossdressing to gather information.

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After witnessing an image of a girl resembling Kasumi but with brown hair and a beauty mark below her left eye, the voice of a man on a speaker tells them to reconsider their actions if they do not want their heart to be torn apart. The next day, on Valentine’s Day, the protagonist can spend it with his girlfriend at Café Leblanc if he is in a relationship and will receive gourmet chocolate as a present. If he is single, Ryuji visits Café Leblanc and the two spend it together in commiseration, with Ryuji giving him cheap chocolate he received at a store. Sojiro does damage control for him and convinces the other women to take him back, and gives him chocolate out of pity.

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Dialogue choice matters with some Confidants, so we have the dialogue options below. The protagonist can romance any of the female Confidants except for Sae Niijima. On the day that you rank up your Confidant level to nine with any of the romance options, you will get to choose whether or not to date them. This is very clearly denoted when your character says, “I should choose my response carefully.” You can then either accept their love or shut them down. Load more Sid Meier’s Pirates is an action-adventure strategy game, a remake of 1987 game of the same name. The game features numerous activities, including sailing and exploration, ship battles, trading and diplomacy.

When you get to Rank 7 of the Hermit Confidant, you’ll unlock a request titled “Daughter’s Just a Meal Ticket.” Youmust complete this request to advance no matter how much you decide to talk to her. Here’s every single rank, every choice that actually gives you points towards your relationship, and every single unlock you’ll reveal as you progress your relationship with Makoto. Plus, we make clear when you’re advancing the relationship to be a fullromance relationship, if that’s what you want.

If you don’t like my style as a creator and can’t ‘trust’ me then feel free to find others. I don’t know if how i phrased this can come across as harsh or impolite, which is not my intention. I’m just a really socially awkward individual who doesn’t really interact much, even inside the fandoms i follow, so if anyone gets hurt by something i said here, i deeply apologize.

However, due to the protagonist’s criminal record, Sojiro does so only begrudgingly. After that, the protagonist awakens on the train bound for Shibuya, as if the events were all a foreboding dream. During the ride, he recalls an incident where he witnessed a woman being sexually harassed by a man and stopped him.

These are heavily implied to be Policemen attempting to capture the Phantom Thieves to save their public image, as shown during Persona 5 Strikers where the Police are still tailing the instigators of last year’s events. As they near the protagonist’s hometown, the protagonist pops his head through the sunroof and smiles in satisfaction. He is then picked up by Sojiro and taken to the café where everyone, with the exception of Morgana, welcomes him back.

After fusing the two of them with the Velvet Room’s guillotines, the twins combine into a singular being, a young girl named Lavenza, the true attendant for the protagonist. Rather than send Shido a card which might be intercepted by one of his staff, Futaba suggests hacking the media and announcing to all of Japan of their intent to steal Shido’s heart. The protagonist agrees, formally announcing their intentions to steal his heart as well as grandly revealing to the world that he was actually alive all along.