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The League Dating App Review 2023 Is It Worth It?

To that end, demographic trends and consumer preferences are highly important in understanding the long-term sustainability of the company’s business model. The company must ensure that it attracts younger generations to the platform in order to refill the funnel. And it must ensure that the League stays relevant in a competitive space. “But when we start to curate people’s dating lives, this is exclusive and elitist,” she said, adding that The League maintains diversity with the “human eye” in that second layer of the screening process.

If you don’t want to sync your LinkedIn account, you can choose to become a paid member instead. After logging in, you’ll be asked to enter your basic information and preferences, and then to upload up to six high-resolution photos from your photo library, Facebook, or Instagram account. This step is optional but it’s advisable to add some photos to your profile to make it stand out. While scoping out your daily batch, you can either swipe left or right to indicate your interest . When you and another user indicate your interest with the “heart” button, you’ll both get a notification. Creating a “compelling” profile that “showcases your true personality and best qualities” is the key to success on The League, states Bradford and Barrett.

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The League’s wait listing practice and intense verification may be a bit frustrating, but it results in there being nothing but top-notch profiles and high quality singles on their app. They take away the need to pick apart profiles for red flags in an attempt to avoid duds. If you are a part of The League, you know the singles will be good. When you sign up for a paid account, you’ll get a bonus batch of matches on your first day. So, if you’re Investor level, you’ll get 14 matches on your first day to get you started.

PRO TIP: How To Prep For Your League Live Date

Those who upgrade to our membership skip to the front of the waitlist with a 48 hour review period. Members also see more potentials per day so statistically they will be seen by more people! Members are typically seen 40% more and have 40% more matches than other non-members in their same demographic.

That criteria, apparently, includes gender, age, height, distance, education, and ethnicity. We’re glad you’re interested in re-joining The League after cancelling your Membership! As such, we need to reprioritize people who have decided Membership isn’t for them and give those who are most eager to join a fair shot at joining and engaging with the community. If your dating standards prioritize what the League requires for acceptance (ie. high education, above-average income, etc) then the League will provide these people. You’re getting very few matches a day, so weeks or months can go by before you’re going on a date. This review is not about my success, it is about the service.

A six-month membership costs $33 per month or $199 annually, and a single month costs $99. To set up your profile, log in to your account on The League app, tap on the Settings icon, click on Edit My Profile and upload a 10-second video to show off your personality. This is optional, but users who add a video to their profiles will get priority in the matching algorithm. The Concierge is another VIP feature that essentially boils down to live customer support. If you’ve read any of our dating app reviews before, you likely know how strongly we feel about live customer service options for dating apps. Even if it is only available for top-level members, we are just happy it is an option.

The paid memberships are ridiculously expensive, and for what? A few extra features and a sense of financial validation? You can make friends who have common interests, and in a non-pandemic world, The League hosts group events where you can meet people organically, which is pretty cool.

The League also uses world-class infrastructure to store, secure, and encrypt all data. When you download the app and create an account, The League collects your personal information, IP address, device information, and login details for your social media accounts. The League has high standards and won’t let just anyone into the community. To ensure a safe place for everyone, users are asked to authenticate their accounts before using the platform, and verification badges are shown on all profiles. If you match with people but don’t bother messaging them, or just leave your matches on read, the app’s algorithm takes notice.

Make sure all the options are checked off including ‘Photos’. As soon as you’ve confirmed that you’re allowing The League access to your Facebook photos, force kill The League and restart it. Simply navigate to the Profile tab, tap on the green pencil, and tap to replace whatever photo you like! Doing so will give you the option to add photos from your camera roll or Facebook albums. Facebook does not give us access to your username and password (and we wouldn’t store them anyway) so there is no risk to you.

I check the matches and chats occasionally, but I am still seeing the “no one messages” problem. My experience with it so far has been that of the 12 people I’ve matched with, only 1 of them has messaged me. I’ve written messages to most of these people first. When you’ve exhausted the five people you’ve been shown that day, here’s the message you’re shown.

Creating your profile

She had no control over who could view her profile, including potential business connections, bosses and coworkers. She also felt like she had no idea who the people she was being matched with were. There was no context to their profiles – just their name and their photo. Editing to add- total rip off and if I could give zero stars I would. Since my last review I’m pretty sure they’ve black balled me on the app. No improvement in standings and the concierge messages stopped after I said the app was terrible.

Matchmaker, make me a match

As you’ll see in the next section of The League dating site review—they crush it when it comes to quality. Your daily matches are the new users you’re shown each day that the app thinks are best for you. Each day you’ll get the number that corresponds to your membership level. If you’re a free guest member you’ll get three per day.